4 Workouts for the Holiday

A lot of folks are traveling for the holidays without access to their regular gym, and with big meals threatening to make us all doughy, we've got to get some work done. Getting your workout in while traveling is actually pretty easy, but we use the "away from my gym, better eat this sticky bun instead" excuse far too easily. Put those excuses back in your suitcase and go spend 30 minutes (or less) on one of these workouts.

For all, run 800m or thereabouts as a warmup. I like to do 3 rounds of 5 pushups, 10 situps, 15 squats also.

Workout # 1

As quickly as possible, broken up however you wish, do these:

100 pushups 200 situps 300 squats

Workout # 2

Go for a run in your neighborhood and do 5 pushups at every intersection on the way out, 5 jump squats at every intersection on the way back. Goal is to get 100 pushups and squat jumps. Bonus points for the looks you get from the neighbors.

Workout # 3

4 rounds for time of:

25 burpees 25 situps

Workout # 4

10 rounds for time of:

Run 1 minute Squats for 30 sec.

And there you have it - simple. Scale as necessary but challenge yourself.

Happiest of holidays to everyone!